Only You (plus your neighbors, friends, and visitors) Can Prevent Forest Fires!

We are all probably aware of Smokey the Bear’s admonishment to prevent forest fires and a recent study by Jennifer Balch et al has verified Smokey’s philosophy. Humans do cause most wildfires in the USA, “Human-started wildfires accounted for 84% of all wildfires, tripled the length of the fire season, dominated an area seven times Read More

The Problem – (Revised)

Mitigation or Misguided? (Revised) The US Forest Service has issued a final project Decision in Boulder County for fire mitigation, “forest restoration,” and watershed protection (Forsythe II Project). They are cutting patches of forest using both clearcuts and aggressive thinning. Will these cuts actually help, or is this activity misguided? The USFS would have us Read More

Reach Out

United States Congress KC BECKER – D State Representative – District 1 200 East Colfax Denver, CO 80203 Capitol Phone: (303) 866-2578 STEVE FENBERG – D Senate District 18 PO Box 4671 Boulder, CO 80306 Phone: (720) 244-2062 Letters to the Editor (Daily Camera) The Camera welcomes readers letters. Timely topics of local Read More